Our Experience

CBI Partners (Cross Border Implementation) has its roots in the management of rapidly growing and changing international businesses. We have experienced the need for teams to grow, adapt and gain the skills required by new circumstances. Our specialists provide targeted hands-on support, grounded in practical experience, to teams managing rapid change and growth. Cultural, business practice and organisational borders are factors which have to be managed and are not an explanation or justification for failure. Our team has the right mix of different nationalities and expertise. We are professionals in our fields with a proven track record of implementing change and growth in operative business. “Our experts talk to your experts and implement the projects together!”


Analysis through the eyes of experience:
Only asking the right questions will lead to the right answers.


Development of solutions and projects that recognize the complexity of cross border organisations – holistic approach.


Applying standard tools with the experience and efficiency of a craftsman.


The endurance to follow through until the targets are achieved and the changes are fully implemented.


Typically we work with local and global management to facilitate change and growth locally, particularly when operational circumstances make external intervention necessary. All our services are tailor-made to meet our clients‘ specific targets. In addition to our CBI cross border experience we use standard tools to achieve the objectives.

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