Service Overview

Operational Consulting
Improve Performance
Negotiate Contracts
Optimize Processes
Optimize Organisations
Define and Implement
When things have to be done quickly, efficiently and reliably we support organisations in achieving their operational targets
Tools and Method
  • Voice of customer/employee
  • Market analysis
  • Process analysis
  • USP
  • SWOT
  • Strategy creation and implementation
  • ….
Alliances & Partnerships
Joint Ventures
For different business, products, sizes of companies and available financial resources different market approaches are required
Tools and Method
  • Cooperation with banks, M&A law-firms, industry associations
  • Wide network in Europe and Japan
  • Experience
  • ….
Company Representation & Interim Management
Change Management
Company Representation
Interim management
Permanent Representation
Plant Organisation/Set Up
Market Entry
We represent companies, take over responsibility in difficult times and achieve sustainable change
Tools and Method
  • Run company as CEO or Representative Director board-member
  • Sales Representation for products
  • Restructure in crisis or insolvency
  • ….
Training and Personal Development
360 degree
Team building
HR Systems
HR Management
We sharpen your HR on organisation, process and human level, based on requirements of the situation
Tools and Method
  • MBTI
  • Tailored 360 degree
  • HR Rules
  • Evaluation systems
  • Target systems
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • ….


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