Our teams have crossed all kinds of borders : As the centre of gravity of the global economy shifts and divides, there is an urgent need for companies to adjust rapidly and to develop the resources and skills to implement the necessary changes. Cultural, business-practice and organisational borders are factors which have to be managed, not an explanation or justification for failure.

CBI Partners (Cross Border Implementation) has its roots in the management of rapidly growing and changing international businesses. We have experienced first-hand while working in management positions, the need for teams to grow, adapt and acquire the skills required by new circumstances and have built high-performance, multinational teams from scratch. Since our foundation in 2006 we have supported many organisations in the successful operational implementation of their strategies.

Since 2006 CBI Partners is supporting our clients in achieving their targets in Japan. During that time we have:

  • Build Plants for automotive production
  • Founded Joint Ventures
  • Restructured companies
  • Represented companies in Japan
  • Taken over the responsibility for the operations of companies in Japan and Europe
  • Identified M&A targets and closed deals
  • Successfully managed Post Merger Integration phases
  • Built many cross border teams who perform in the interest of our clients today

We do apply proven standard tools, but no project equals  another and at the end our projects are all tailored to the specific needs of our clients, who rely on a team of Japanese and European Partners, who all have managed companies on board member level and have a proven track record of successful project.

We are looking forward to working with you on improving your cross-border performance.

CBI Partners Management